The service provided is second to none. It is a completely holistic approach and the worker we have is providing us with support, without which the family would be on its knees!

Our team is an extension to our family. Routine is very important to my son. So familiar faces and knowing who will be with him makes for a happy settled young man.

I am fairly independent but I value the help I have from carers for the things I find difficult. I also enjoy their company.

HHC has brought company, support and a very good cleaning service.

It gives me confidence in coping with disability.

The carers have become welcome friends who understand my needs and I enjoy their company.

The carers have made a vast difference to my life - they keep me in touch with outside world.

With my health issues I was struggling to keep on top with things, but having the help I get means I am able to have a better and more comfortable life.

Without excellent care I would not be able to live in my own home. Many thanks.

HHC gives me independent living which I enjoy.