Social Accounting

Social accounting and audit is a flexible framework which allows an organisation to build on existing documentation and reporting systems and develop a process whereby it can account for its social, environmental and economic performance and impact and then draw up an action plan to prove, improve and be overall accountable to its key stakeholders – prove, improve, account (SAN, 2011).

Highland Home Carers (HHC) was invited by Co-operative Development Scotland (CDS) in 2007 to enrol in a Social Accounting and Audit Pilot Initiative which was led by the Social Audit Network (SAN). Following the success of the initial pilot study, the company realised that Social Accounting was a valuable method of measuring the quality of the service provided and gauging the company’s impact on its main stakeholders. It also enabled HHC to receive vital feedback on performance and areas which require improvement. This is the ninth set of Social Accounts that HHC has produced, and on each occasion it has been an home-grown product. The information gathered within the Social Accounts assists HHC to improve practice thus benefiting service users and employees.

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Approved Social Accounts 2014

Audit Summary 2015 (PDF)

Social Accounts Case Study HHC 2015

Social Accounts 2015-2016