Social Accounting


Social Accounting allows a company to understand their impact on people, the planet and the way resources are used. Social Accounting and Audit is about assessing the social value generated by the organisation (SAN, 2011). It is flexible and allows organisations to account for performance and impact, be accountable to Stakeholders throughout the process and draw up action plans to facilitate improvements.

This is the tenth set of Social Accounts Highland Home Carers has produced, offering new research opportunities each year. After many successes Highland Home Carers acknowledges Social Accounting to be a valuable method of unified company analysis. It also enables review of impact on main Stakeholders, feedback on performances, areas requiring improvement and assistance to improve practice for the benefit of Individuals and Partners.

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Social Accounts 2016-2017

Approved Social Accounts 2014

Audit Summary 2015 (PDF)

Social Accounts Case Study HHC 2015

Social Accounts 2015-2016