Highland Home Carers is the leading home care provider in the Highlands and is at the forefront of the care profession in Scotland.

From long term complex care through to support with everyday living, HHC can provide a high quality care service, tailored to your individual requirements. Our service allows you to remain independent in the comfort of your own home, without compromising the quality of your care.

What We Do...

No matter what your circumstances, if you need support to continue living in your own home, we can help. Everybody's needs are different and we tailor your care to fit your needs.

The service provided is second to none. It is a completely holistic approach and the worker we have is providing us with support, without which the family would be on its knees!

Our team is an extension to our family. Routine is very important to my son. So familiar faces and knowing who will be with him makes for a happy settled young man.

HHC has brought company, support and a very good cleaning service.

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